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How the trading bot works?
  • It runs on the cloud, so you don't install anything on your computer
  • You only need an account on a crypto exchange
  • You grant the bot access to your account exclusively for trading
  • We have no withdrawal permission to your account, only trading
  • The bot trades all pairs within a specific quote currency, e.g. BUSD pairs
  • It does not touch any other coin unless exactly what it bought itself
  • Fund and withdraw from your account at will, irrespective of us
  • You can follow the bot trades from your exchange account reports
  • If you prefer a more friendly interface you need Telegram
trading bot
How the bot trades?
  • The bot trades spot in a single quote currency, e.g. BUSD or BTC pairs
  • It does not short, nor does it trade on margin, so there's no liquidation risk
  • By default it trades 24x7, but you can stop it and restart it at anytime
  • It uses our own trading strategy based on ichimoku clouds
  • It's a fast paced trend following strategy, best suited to avoid false positives
  • Our guideline is to avoid losses on downturns and buy upon confirmation
  • It's a conservative approach to an already crazy enough market
  • We use our own proprietary tools to fine tune our strategy periodically
  • Its default setup is the best we got, but you're free to change it
Can I see it running?

Of course! We have a live instance running specifically for this purpose
This instance is managed by SwitchCoin, our business partner in USA

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