Our contribution to the community

We share our market and technology views actively on Trading View and Youtube. Follow us there


We share our recent developments and trading ideas with the community of traders and coders. We enjoy both the feedback and the opportunity to discuss our views and market approach. The insights we get are valuable to provide our clients with a better version of ourselves.

Youtube Channel

We regard the market in terms of its money flow. We understand that the money flow drives prices up where it heads to, and down from where it comes from. The reason behind this is that the money flow is the taker in the orderbook of exchanges.

Understanding the money flow requires periodic observation of asset prices that represent the most traded asset classes.

This understanding was not present when we've started. As it solidified within ourselves, we made it available to our audience in weekly live podcasts called Market Outlook.

In 4+ years, we've recorded and transmitted a total of 700+ videos and live podcasts.