investing bots you understand

Trading alone might be a bridge too far for your goals. Use a bot you understand.
Avoid surprises. If you’re not familiar with bots, watch this 21min video.
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got cryptos?

Like the Internet in late 90’s, cryptos are here to stay.

Its new technology will be the base for financial services from now on.

You can stay out, walk alone, or try it with our skilled support.

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quality assets

They look the same, but they’re not the same.

No investment flourishes on projects that don’t.

We choose coins from projects that deliver and grow.

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simple logic

Buy low and sell high.

A simple logic must do it. One we see it in the charts with naked eye.

Simple indicators, few rules, a lot of patience. A lot of work to put it together in a simple way for you.

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market maker

For Exchanges or a Token Issuers.

We provide liquidity when regular players would prefer to be out.

Wide spreads, empty books, rock bottom prices, low volumes. If any of these hurts you, we should talk.

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