Do they have any value?

They'd better. Otherwise they're not worth your money, let alone your time

Some do have value

Don't look at them as stocks. They're like flight tickets or phone credits. They are your access to service networks that eventually you'll need. Hold on to these ones.

Buy low. Sell high

Use the price swings in your favor. At the end of the day, if you are not going to consume them, you only profit from them when you sell. With some of them you trade.

Get rich quick?

You're either taking tremendous risk or you're being scammed. Regardless the field, success comes solely from relentless, hard and smart work; altogether.

How to start safely?

Start small. Keep it simple until the numbers prove you right

Build a portfolio

We've studied the top 100 coins by market cap. Many are not up to their ranks and are likely to be devalued for good. By avoiding them, it suffices that a few succeed for your portfolio to thrive.

Trade blue chips

Like in equity markets, the most traded coins are the first to recover and the first to rise. Set up the right indicators and wait for the right moment to ride the trend.

Learn. Don't chat

Chatting and news following are in no way studying, learning or improving. To follow the big market names and their lessons is often a solitary pursue.

Start with us

Our numbers tell the story


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Trading Bots and Portfolio

Profit from the downturns and accumulate at the bottom

Rent a Trading Bot

By renting a trading bot you

  • Free yourself from watching the monitor
  • Avoid losing money setting your own
  • Spare yourself the bot maintenance

We use the best seasoned open source trading bot in the market. We've developed a fast response, trend following strategy and we have been fine tuning it since 2021.

  • No need to install anything
  • Fast trend following strategy
  • Fine tuned with proprietary tools
Build a Portfolio

Pick the coins with the highest survival chance according to the best of our knowledge. Amongst them, some with high upside potential. Buy them at potentially low prices. Store them safely.

  • Coins with highest survival chance
  • Buy them at potentially low prices
  • Store them safely in a hard wallet

By replicating our portfolio you

  • Ease your beginning with a define set of coins
  • Simplify your management by following our reports
  • Spare time for your own endeavours

We're ready to get you started

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